12kg: Uzin - PE280 - Rapid Drying Primer for Smooth Dense Surfaces and DPMs

12kg: Uzin PE280 Rapid Drying Primer for Smooth Dense Surfaces and DPMs Super fast primer. Dispersion primer with carbon technology for smooth and dense surfaces. Ready to use Film forming Ideal bonding agent on dense surfaces Also suitable for wall applications High speed construction product
£229.72 Inc VAT (£191.44 Ex VAT)
Dispersion primer with carbon technology, UZIN PE 280 impresses by its exceptional speed and ideal adhesion to the substrate. Main application field - UZIN PE 280 is a super fast, film forming primer, mainly for use on dense substrates. Its special technology utilising carbon particles, produces a rough and well keyed surface, which is ready for levelling work very fast. For interior use. Suitable on / for - on existing surfaces requiring refurbishment on well bonded, waterproof residues of adhesives or smoothing compounds (e.g. synthetic resin, neoprene, bitumen or dispersion adhesives) on dense substrates or substrates with low absorbency (e.g. stone floors and ceramics, water-resistant coatings, epoxy coverings) on existing or ungritted mastic asphalt on magnesia and stone wood screeds on epoxy primers ( e.g. UZIN PE 460/480) or on PUR primers (e.g. UZIN PE 414 Turbo) prior to smoothing work with UZIN cement and calcium sulphate levelling compounds on warm water under floor heading systems for exposure to castor wheels in accordance with DIN EN 12 529 for heavy wear in domestic, commercial and industrial locations
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