Buy Wooden Flooring Trims at Floorstock Ltd

The correct trimming piece provides the ideal finishing touch to any wooden floor. High-quality and hard-wearing flooring trims not only improve the look and style of a wooden floor, but they also provide an added level or protection for thresholds, stair steps and skirtings, increasing the longevity of your floor and helping to maintain its value and aesthetic.

We provide a wide range of flooring trims including lacquered or unfinished solid oak for floors and stairs and in a variety of styles including T-profile, L-profile, stair-nose, ramp, semi-ramp and multi-purpose. We’ve got every spec and detail covered but if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need some guidance, we have experts on hand to offer hints, tips and buying advice.

As part of our extensive flooring trims offering, we also supply Junckers sports combi skirting in oak, ash or beech. This flexible skirting is asymmetric in profile and can be affixed in either direction depending on the job in hand, providing further flexibility in look and finish for the flooring trim.

Finally, our solid oak pipe covers (available lacquered or unfinished) provide additional protection for radiator pipes and as well as adding that stylish detail that’s a winner every time.

Within our Accessories range, you will also find adhesives, screws, nails, spacers, clips, tools and floor protection. Everything you need for a top quality installation.

Check stocks and shop flooring trims at Floorstock or contact our team for advice on any of our products.