15kg: Bona - Titan - Reactive Silane Based Adhesive - Titanium Technology

15kg: Bona - Titan - Reactive Silane Based Adhesive - Titanium Technology Next generation silane adhesive with unbeatable bonding strength. Bona Titan takes wood floor adhesives to a new level. Thanks to its unbeatable initial bonding strength, Titan produces strong, stable ribs, greatly reducing the risk of hollow spots. It is fast-curing and requires no primer when applied under normal sub-floor conditions. Titan is simply the most effective, economical and convenient solution for all wood floor installations.
£196.40 Inc VAT (£163.66 Ex VAT)
Bona Titan takes wood floor adhesive to another level. Thanks to its unique titanium-based formula with quadruple crosslinking technology, this high performance silane adhesive delivers safer, strong and longer lasting wooden floors with fast initial bonding. Whatever the installation, now there's just one choice! Titan Strength in a Stroke The Premium Choice, whatever your subfloor challenge, Bona Titan delivers stronger and safer bonding. Strongest bonding - Taking crosslinking to another level, Bona Titan offers shear resistance, stabilising even solid, oversized wood floor elements. Its strong bond makes installation easy and keeps planks in place. And because its strength does not diminish over time, Bona Titan protects floors and your craftmanship for longer. Safest & most reliable - No more problems with hollow spots and discolouration. Due to its Titanium Technology, Bona Titan protects wooden floors throughout their lifetime, even under challenging subfloor conditions. The best option - Take the guesswork out of installation. Bona Titan is suitable for any size and type of wood floor element. Its Titanium technology is a game-changer, providing greater durability, performance and strength than ever. Now there's only one choice. Bona Titan - Technical Specifications Base: Silane modified-prepolymer Colour: Light brown (Oak tone) Open time: ca. 30min (at 20C and 55 % rH) DIN EN ISO 17178: Hard GISCODE: RS 10 Affset: A+ EMICODE: EC1 Plus Greenguard: Product certified for low chemical emissions. Cleaning agent: Bona Cleaning Wipes, Bona S100, acetone, ethanol. Hardened adhesive can only be removed mechanically. Curing time: 12 to 24hrs (at 20C and 55 % rH) Walkable: light food traffic after ca. 6hrs (at 20C and 55 % rH) Sanding: after 12 to 24hrs Surface treatment: Depending on air humidity and the moisture content of the materials between 12 and 24hrs (at 20C and 55 % rH) Storage / transport: The temperature must not fall below +5C or exceed +25C during storage and transport. Store in a cool, dry, well ventilated place. Pack Size: 15kg bucket and 9kg tubular bag Shelf life: Buckets: 12 months, tubular bags 24 months from date of production in unopened container/tubular bag. Disposal: Wastes and emptied container / tubular bags, should be handled in accordance with local regulations.
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