600ml Foil: Rewmar - MS650 - MS Polymer Adhesive Sausage

600ml Foil: Rewmar - MS650 - MS Polymer Adhesive Sausage Rewmar MS650 is a Gun grade MS Polymer flexible flooring adhesive that is suitable for the installation of any wooden floor to almost any subfloor. It has a stiffer formulation than MS600 as it is designed to be used for applications where a higher ridge formation is required. It can be used as liquid batten or in conjunction with the slotted mat to form part of the acoustic system. One sausage can cover approximately 1.6m @ 150mm centres. It is packaged in boxes containing 12 number 600ml sausages and two nozzles.
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Features: Rewmar MS650 is a one part, modified silane based flexible wood flooring adhesive. Great ridge formation and retention. It is suitable for sticking down any species of wooden flooring to almost any subfloor. When dry it has a high bond strength between the wooden floor and the subfloor but remains permanently flexible. This allows the flooring to move as the seasons change but it will not crack, and the floor will stay adhered to subfloor. If any adhesive is left on the surface of the wood it is easy to remove either wet or dry (following day) and no special chemicals are required. This product is recommended for use with all types of underfloor heating. Smaller pack size only 1kg of adhesive open at a time Environmentally friendly recyclable aluminium and cardboard packaging Ease of Application Quick and no mess installation of flooring User Friendly Easy to use, no odour & hazard free Technical data: Base: MS Polymer Curing system: Moisture curing Consistency: Paste Colour: Beige / light brown Specific gravity (g/cm): Approx. 1,6 Brookfield viscosity (mPas): Approx. 250.000 (HBT A/10) Open time: Approx. 30 minutes* at 21C and 50% rv Adjustability time: Approx. 30 minutes* at 21C and 50% rv Set to load bearing: min. 24 hrs Sandpapering / Finishing: min. 24 hrs Shear strength: > 1.2N/mm Temperature resistance: -40C to +80C (cured) Durability: Excellent Total solids content: 100% (solvent free) Application rate: Depending on the subfloor, Each sausage should allow approximately 1.5m2 when bonding 20mm flooring and 2.0m2 when bonding 15mm flooring * This can vary according to environmental circumstances such as temperature, humidity, substrate etc Applications: Rewmar Liquid Batten System makes it possible to install all types of wood flooring on any substrate, for example, screeds, concrete, tiles, stone, metal, thermoplastic flooring and timber. Due its versatility and the added viscosity of the adhesive, it has superb ridge formation and the advantage of compensating for variations in floor levels by taking out minor surface irregularities. With the ability to bond solid and engineered timber flooring directly to the sub-floor, Rewmar MS650 eliminates the need for fixing battens and raising of thresholds. Once cured Rewmar MS650 is fully elastic. This allows the differential movement between the bonded surfaces without the risk of de-lamination. When fixing flooring with Rewmar MS650, adjustments can be made up to 30 minutes after application. Applying the adhesive: Apply the adhesive by means of a suitable gun applicator using a 12mm adhesive bead. The adhesive should be applied at approximately 200mm centres when bonding 20mm solid wood flooring and at approximately 250mm centres when bonding 15mm solid or engineered wood flooring. Wait at least 24 hours before sanding and finishing the parquet. Recommendations: Never install to substrates that are not protected against possible rising damp. Do not apply the adhesive at temperatures below 15 or above 35C Minimum temperature of the substrate should be at least 5C. Do not apply the adhesive when the relative humidity is above 75%. Never install onto a substrate which contains too much moisture or onto substrates with a higher humidity value than is recommended by the wood supplier. Never install wood that is too dry (<6% Moisture Content). This can expand at higher humidity and cause damage. Do not install if the walls and ceilings of the area are not dry (e.g. after plastering or painting etc.) Safety recommendations: Apply the usual industrial hygiene precautions. Solvent free and non flammable. Avoid contact with the eyes and skin and always use in a well ventilated room. Wear protective gloves and goggles and in the event of contact with the skin rinse well with soap and water. In the event of contact with the eyes , rinse with water and consult a doctor immediately. Always take care to follow the container labelling and the product data sheet Disposal: Do not allow into drains, water courses or land fill. Allow residues in container to harden and dispose of as construction waste.

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