290ml Cartridge: Rewmar - Flexy Fix - Superfast Flexible Grab Adhesive

290ml Cartridge: Rewmar - Flexy Fix - Superfast Flexible Grab Adhesive Flexyfix is Rewmars super fast strong adhesive in a tube. Ideal for applications that require high bond strength together with very fast cure time. Suitable for use on most substrates.
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Flexyfix is a solvent and water free, rapid curing, ready to use elastic adhesive and is especially suited to bonding flooring accessories in applications where rapid setting is a requirement. This product can be used in the following fixing applications: Gripper rods Carpet can be installed within 30 minutes and there is no foaming or movement. There is no need to cut the gripper rods into smaller sections. Threshold trims Flexible and rapid fixing means the trims wont be knocked out of place. There is no mess as the product doesnt foam and due to its clean technology any glue smears can be easily cleaned off. Stair nosings can be fixed without the need for mechanical fixings. (Provided the substrate is stable and sound and sufficient adhesive is applied) Stair Cladding Ideal for fixing cladding to stair risers and treads. Skirting Boards Fix skirting boards with a minimum of adhesive and know that after 30 minutes they are firmly fixed. Wood Flooring Useful for starter row as the flexible high grab and rapid set will keep the starter boards in place. This is especially suited to header rows for block or marquetry work. Gluing in the last herringbone row prior to cutting allows borders to be laid the same day as the final herringbone rows are installed. Board repair and board replacement. Installing chipboard flooring onto joists (squeak free) or onto insulation products. Flexyfix can be used on all clean, sound and dust free surfaces. It is suitable for use on both porous and non-porous surfaces. Non-porous surfaces may lead to a slightly longer curing period. Suitable materials include: Glass Marble Granite Bricks Stone Wood MDF Chipboard Metals Fibreglass Polystyrene Plasterboard and Glazed Surfaces. Note: This product is not suitable for use on Polypropylene, Teflon, Bitumen or Asphalt Surface preparation: Before application ensure that all surfaces are clean and dust free. There is no requirement to ensure that the surfaces are dry, as this adhesive will work in wet conditions including under water. Shelf-life: 12 months in unopened packaging in a cool and dry storage place at temperatures between +5C and +25.

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