5ltr: Loba - Invisible Protect 2K - 2K Wood Floor Lacquer

5ltr: Loba - Invisible Protect 2K - 2K Wood Floor Lacquer High-quality and innovative raw materials are the key to making LOBADUR 2K Invisible Protect a truly unique surface coating. The wood looks and feels untreated and offers you all the protection of a finished floor. High durability and easy cleaning combine to make LOBADUR 2K Invisible Protect the perfect surface treatment for all lovers of natural wood.
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Latest-generation, waterborne surface protection for parquet and hardwood floors. For extremely heavy wear. The natural look and feel of the untreated wood is maintained. The virtually invisible layer is also extremely scratch-resistant thanks to the use of the highest-quality raw materials. Elastic, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Natural structure and feel like untreated wooden flooring 2 coat system without primer Certified non-slip properties as per BGR 181 for work areas No polishing effect Excellent chemical resistance As easy to clean as finished surfaces No grain accentuation, the original colour of the wood remains as it was in its original state. Range of use: Suitable for parquet, wood and cork flooring. Anti-slip as per BGR 181 and DIN 51130 evaluation group R9. Storage and transportation: 12 months of storage stability. No hazardous material according to ADR. Store and transport between +5 to +25C. Protect from frost. Application: Shake product, add hardener to base at a ratio of 10 : 1 and then shake to mix. For mixing smaller quantities, use the LOBATOOL Mixing Container or a scale to weigh out the components. Usable up to 2 hours after mixing. The surface must be sanded properly, wood moisture content max. 12%. The floor must be dry and free from any old coatings, oil, grease, wax, silicone, sanding dust and other contaminants. Room temperature +15C to +25C, relative humidity 40% to 75%, material temperature +18C to +25C. Ensure working areas are adequately ventilated. Transfer material to a LOBATOOL varnish bucket before applying. Shake the contents well. Observe the general and, if available, the product-specific health and safety instructions. More specific information relating to GISCODE can be found in the usage instructions, which are available in the "Documents" tab above. Thinner: The product is supplied ready for use and must not be diluted! Application tool/application rate: LOBATOOL roller Deluxe 120 / 110-130 ml(g)/m2 = 8-9 m2/l (kg) Intermediate sanding: Able to recoat without intermediate sanding within the first 24 hours. After this time, an intermediate sanding is necessary. An intermediate sanding before the last application will achieve an even finish. Use LOBATOOL perforated pad P120 or finer, alternatively Sanding Net P120 or finer. Carefully remove dust before overcoating. Drying time: Earliest possible recoating after 4-6 hours. Careful use possible after 4-6 hours. Earliest possible intermediate sanding after 8-10 hours. Light use after 24 hours. Full use and covering possible after 5 days. The floor can be covered earlier by using LOBATOOL Cover 400, for details see the TI for the product

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