Osmo - Gap Sealer Cartridge ( Choose from 7 colours )

310ml Cartridge: Osmo - Gap Sealer - Grey Can be treated with Osmo finishes after 1 hr Permanently water repellent after curing Resistant to air conditions, stays elastic Easy to apply Can be sanded after curing, usually 24 hrs Based on 3mm gaps a 310ml tube will fill in excess of 30 linear metres
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Top Tips: Min/max joint width must be 5-25mm. The recommended joint depth/width ratio is 1:2. Excess sealant can be removed with a wet cloth. Should not be used for sealing joints permanently exposed to water. Additional Information: Application temperature: +5C to 40C Drying time: 1 hr Sizes: 310ml High quality, one component, flexible sealant that has plasto-elastic qualities. It is acrylic based and suitable for internal projects only. Can be used for filling, fixing and repairing all manner of splits and gaps as well as sealing and filling joints on both finished and unfinished wood flooring, skirting and door thresholds.

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