Morrells - Profill 2K Filler (Choose from 11 colours)

0.75ltr: Morrells - Profill 46 Range - 2K Filler - Yew - 4691/000L A range of two-component fillers formulated for use on metal, GRP and timber for interior and exterior applications. They are also suitable for repairing damage to corners and edges of furniture and are supplied with a separate hardener. The standard range consists of a selection of the most widely used wood colours.
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These fillers based on polyester resin in combination with extenders and fillers to give good adhesion and anchorage properties coupled with minimal shrinkage and absorption. They are quick drying with excellent sanding properties. Mixing Add 2-2.5% of the supplied hardener to the filler In cold conditions, increase hardener use to 3-3.5% of supplied In hot conditions, reduce hardener use to 1-1.5% of supplied Thoroughly mix the two components together Once mixed the filler has a working life of 5 minutes Application Apply the wood filler onto a stable, clean, dry surface by knife or scraper Apply the wood filler in slight excess to allow for shrinkage during drying Deep holes should not be filled with the one part wood filler in a single operation due to the risk of excessive shrinkage and crumbling of the dried filler Sand the filler flat with 180-240G sanding paper The surface is then ready for normal finishing processes if required
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