5ltr: Bona - Mix & Fill Plus - 1K Water Based Filler For Gaps up to 3mm

5ltr: Bona - Mix & Fill Plus - 1K Water Based Filler For Gaps up to 3mm
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Bona Mix&Fill Plus is a waterborne binder with exceptionally high solids content for quick and efficient filling of gaps and cavities in wooden floors. In most cases only a single application is required to fill the gaps of a newly installed parquet floor. Bona Mix&Fill Plus is recommended for light to medium coloured wood species such as oak, beech, pine, maple and similar*. Suitable for gaps up to 3 mm wide. Exceptional filling ability Fast drying Waterborne yet anti-corrosive (no rust stains) Very low solvent content *for dark wood species it is advised to use regular Mix&Fill instead Technical Data: Solids content: ~38% Mixing ratio: 10-15% wood dust to 85-90% binder Drying time, until: - between applications: 15-30 minutes* - until sanding: 30-60 minutes* - until finish or oil treatment 1-2 hours* *Assumes normal, minor gap formation on newly installed floors at 20?C/60% RH room climate. The wider and deeper the gap, the longer the drying time. Gaps wider than 2 mm need drying over night. Application tools: Stainless steel trowel Application rate: ~8-12m2 /litre depending on size and quantity of gaps. Safety Unclassified Cleaning: Wipe tools free from residual material before cleaning with a minimum of water. Dried material can be removed mechanically or by scrubbing with water. Disposal: Wastes and emptied containers should be handled in accordance with local regulations. Storage/transport: The temperature must not fall below +5C or exceed +25C during storage/transport. Reseal the container directly after use. Shelf life: 1 year from the date of production, in unopened original container. Pack size: 3x5 litres (44 boxes per pallet)
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