1 Box: Granwax - Ezee Wood Floor Cleaner - (6 x 750ml)

0.75ltr - Granwax - Ezee Wood Floor Cleaner
£29.34 Inc VAT (£24.45 Ex VAT)
Granwax EZee Wood Floor Cleaner was designed to make the cleaning of wood floors simple and quick. It is ideal for use on all types of sealed/coated wood and laminate floors, including pre-finished flooring. And is also suitable for most types of hard floor surfaces, including vinyl. Supplied in a 750ml trigger spray bottle for ease of use. EZee Wood Floor Cleaner can be directly applied to a dry mop or cloth by trigger sprayer. It does not require dilution, thereby eliminating the possibility of over wetting the floor, which is particularly important on new hardwood floors. The non-smear formulation makes spot-cleaning easy by simply wiping away spillages and marks, leaving the surface clean without smears. EZee Wood Floor Cleaner does not contain harsh alkalis or acids, ensuring that the floor surface is not dulled or damaged during regular cleaning. This is particularly important on gloss or silk finishes. Pleasantly perfumed with a clean, fresh fragrance. PLEASE NOTE: EZee Wood Floor Cleaner should not be used on hardwaxed or oil finished floors
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