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Shop professional quality decking oils and anti-slip solutions from leading brands at Floorstock, including tried and tested products from Osmo and Treatex, for an impressive finish every time.
Our range of decking oils are handpicked for their ability to prevent and delay wood deterioration, so you can prolong the life of your exterior surfaces.
Garden decking is permanently exposed and often faces extreme weather conditions, such as rain, ice and heat. With the right decking oil, you can prevent the damage caused by exposure, as our products benefit from UV protection to prevent discolouration or fading and provide a protective, water repellent coating. These qualities help to prevent the common drying, splitting and swelling issues caused by the elements. 
Decking oils can also be used to refresh and revitalise tired wood, with our quick-drying solutions, you can make easy work of reviving any outdoor space. Why not finish the job with our exterior wood primers, stains and oils and Osmo stone oil.

Applying an anti-slip decking oil is highly recommended in commercial outdoor spaces like cafes, pubs and restaurants, as well as domestic settings. 
Exposure to rain, snow and extreme temperatures, combined with high footfall, can really take its toll on exterior surfaces. Decking in particular can become dangerously slippery due to the collective build up of dirt, moisture and algae. 
Our anti-slip decking oils can be applied on their own or as a topcoat to repel dirt and moisture, protecting the wood and the user. We also stock a range of decking cleaners to maintain outdoor surfaces and prevent dirt build-up.
Our anti-slip decking oils are popular with trades professionals and DIYers who want a reliable, high quality finish. Shop with Floorstock for next day delivery or buy online and collect from our Midlands warehouse. For advice on any of our exterior products, contact our team


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