Buy Wood Floor Lacquer Refresher at Floorstock Ltd.

As the leading supplier of wood floor refresher, Floorstock offers a range of professional grade products from renowned names in flooring. Shop with us to find tried and tested lacquer refresher from Bona, Junckers and Saicos, with formulas designed to tackle well worn flooring in domestic and commercial settings.
Lacquer refreshers are ideal for enhancing the protective finish of wooden floors, providing an additional barrier against moisture and wear whilst also reviving scratched and dull surfaces.
Try our Bona wood floor refresher and freshen up solutions, which are ready to use and are ideal for regular maintenance, offering high resistance to general wear from footfall and adding fresh sheen to varnished surfaces. Alternatively, opt for the quick drying Juncker lacquer refresher to rejuvenate wood. 
Our wood floor refreshers are used by trade professionals, who also recommend them to their clients to prolong the life of their wood floor. We stock products that can be use with finished or pre-finished wood flooring and all types of hardwood, as well as a full range of wood finishes and wood floor lacquers. If you are unsure of the best solution for varnished, waxed or oiled wood floors, just ask our team of experts for their recommendations.
Shop with Floorstock for next day delivery on wood floor and lacquer refreshers or contact our team for advice on any of our products. 


Availability: In Stock
Availability: In Stock