Buy Bona Scrad Pads & Scrad Wings

Find high grade Bona scrad pads at Floorstock to deliver the perfect finish every time. A renowned name in flooring and sanding, these unique Bona orbital sanding discs have been handpicked by our team to provide you with durability and affordability as part of our high quality range of abrasives.
The Bona Scrad System is ideal for professional inter-coat sanding jobs where waterbased lacquer is being used. It comprises a 16” diameter, 8mm thick floor pad type disc with an abrasive grit size of P320 which can be fitted to the Bona FlexiSand and Bona Buffer Machines. It provides a unique solution to sanding that prevents scratches and swirl marks by reducing grain rise between finishing coats thanks to the innovative attachment of the Bona scrad wing which is a 150 Grit Delta type pad which affixes to the Bona Scrad Pad via Velcro backing. The combination of grit sizes offered by the Bona Scrad System enables users to sand and condition in one process for a smoother finish and comes highly recommended by professional tradespeople. 
The hard wearing Bona scrad pad can be purchased individually, while the Bona scrad wing is available in a grit size of P150 in cost-effective packs of 50. The wing is attached to the pad via an impressive strength Velcro and is suitable for use on all types of engineered and solid wood flooring and finishes.
Order the Bona scrad pad and Bona scrad wings from Floorstock with next day delivery. Alternatively, for help and advice with all of your sanding needs, contact our team of experts. 


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