Floorstock in partnership with VerMeister are holding a product training day at the FITA training centre in Loughborough.

This is the opportunity to learn a bit about VerMeister as a company and their amazing range of products through practical demonstrations. You will receive a certificate of participation and a FREE gift.

There is a small cost to attend the event of £50 to cover the costs of the venue and refreshments - however, if you attend on the day you will receive £100 credit towards your next order of VerMeister products. Plus you will have the opportunity to purchase products on the day at discounted prices…

We only have a limited number of spaces for the day so click the link below to book your place today. Vermeister have long being associated in Europe with lacquers that are innovative, easy to use, and offer the highest levels of performance.

As part of the day, Vermeister will be showcasing their latest range of floor finishes, including:

Velvet – unique ‘soft feel’ invisible effect lacquer

IDRO 2k – One of if not the most durable 2k lacquer we’ve ever tested!

Zero – Unique lacquer that can be used as a 1 or 2 component, and can be re-activated!!

Upgrade – A colour additive that can be used in any VM lacquer to change the colour, ranging from Black to White!