Saicos Multi Top Lacquer:
Another Floorstock INNOVATION for you, if you’re in the market to try something new, why not give this Saicos EcoLine MultiTop Lacquer a go? Saicos are well known for their production of Hardwax Oils, but they also make a great water-based lacquer too!

Saicos EcoLine Multi Top lacquer has had rave reviews since we started selling it in 2015. The product dries quickly, has great flow, levels beautifully and sands well between coats. It is available in both satin and matt finishes.

The unique part about this Saicos EcoLine MultiTop Lacquer is the number of additives that can be used, meaning that you can actually create several different finishes just by adding the additive to the standard product:

  • If its a heavy traffic or commercial area? Then add the optional 2k hardener to improve both chemical and scratch resistance.
  • Need a lighter appearance? Then add the white additive to create an unfinished look (or Scandinavian look if you add the white additive to each coat)
  • If a darker look is what you are after? Then use the pitch-black additive to accomplish a black surface with extraordinary effect.
  • Going for the untreated or natural look? The pure additive will give you this untreated look while still protecting the wood surface.
  • Site conditions poor? If it’s a warm environment with low humidity then use the delayer to slow down the drying time and increase the open time, extending the processing ability of the coat.
  • Added slip resistance? Add the R10 slip-resistant additive perfect for kitchens or areas that may become greasy.
  • UV protection? Use the UV protection additive to reduce the natural colour change in the wood.
Saicos EcoLine MultiTop Lacquer
Saicos EcoLine MultiTop Lacquer

All of these options from just one lacquer!

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