Nona Mega Varnish

Bona Mega Floor Varnish is the ideal floor lacquer for domestic use and for reasonably heavy traffic commercial use.

Easy application, won't easily scratch or mark. Excellent choice for DIY and flooring professionals alike.

Mega Application

  • Easy to apply by brush, roller or floor applicator.
  • Bona Mega is chemical resistant and scratch and scuff resilient.
  • Allow 3 hours drying time between coats of Bonakemi Mega.
  • Quick drying, ready for light use after only 8 hours.
  • Easy maintenance.


Sand surfaces back to bare wood. The final sanding should be done with a fine sanding disk, screen or good quality sandpaper with a sanding grit of 120 or finer. Use a vacuum to ensure all surfaces are free of all dust, dirt, grit, oil, wax, etc.


Shake thoroughly and apply to a test area first. Apply Bona Mega thinly coats with a roller in a smooth flowing action and avoiding any excess. Room temperature should not fall below 13C during application and drying.

Use on pre-finished flooring
Ideally floors should be treated with Bona Prep system in accordance with the instructions on the label. A sanding disc/screen or paper with a sandpaper grit of 150 should also be used. Apply the initial coat of Bona Mega with Bona Crosslinker.

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